What is occupy Chevron Poland

We, people of Zurawlow, are occupying a field  in our villlage since June 3 2013 when we discovered  by accident Chevron accompagnied by the police  entering in a field in order to fence it.

We are against the unlawful attempts of fencing the field in our village by Chevron Polska.

The only argument Chevron employees use is that the leased field is company’s private property. That is not true. The lease that Chevron has made is for public purpose - that is searching and recognition of hydrocarbons in the area of Grabowiec concession.

In this particular case the concession area is for carrying out the public purposes. According to the Geological and Mining Law that means all the activities of the mining companies on the concession area should be conducted with the knowledge and acceptance of the society.

According to the information we received from the Minister of Environment on May 29th 2013, regarding the Grabowiec concession Chevron can conduct 3D seismic tests only. The company has not received an approval from local government for any other activities. Fencing the land included.

We demand Chevron to give up its plans and leave our land.

The people involved in that occupation are people living in this area and some of us for many generation.